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From "Morten Schmidt" <...@knowledgelab.sdu.dk>
Subject Re: Svar: Re: A concurrent acces has occurred.
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 14:54:23 GMT
I am building in Debug mode then. Just didn't have the pdb (in mono
seems to be mdb) files in bin 
Everything else seems to work, this is all I have had troubles with... 
monodis... hmmm... that's an approach... 
Let's see tomorrow, I'm due to get off work an hour ago... 
I'll try to remember testing it after having recompiled DataMapper with
line 365 commented in again ;o) 
A quick look into MonoDevelop tells me that the .xsd are only embedded
in Deply, not in Build (as it seems to be called i MonoDevelop) 
I'll get back too you all tomorrow, to (hopefully) finish this up ;o) 

>>>rongrabowski@yahoo.com 06/01/05 3:45 pm >>>
I've never used Mono so some of these comments may not be 100% correct.
In .Net there are two kinds of assemblies: Debug and Release. It looks
like you're compiling the IBatisNet libaries in Release mode because
there aren't line numbers in the exception. Had you compiled in Debug
mode, you would most likely see something like this:

section, String schemaFileName):365

I don't think that is the exact syntax, but you get the idea.

According to the helpful people on #monodevelop, try this to get
MonoDevelop into Debug mode:

Right click the project -> Options.
Then right click the configuration you want to use
Click set active.

You should get .pdb files in addition to the normal .dll files. Copy
those to the bin directory of your application. The .pdb contain the
line number offset information.

Someone on the #mono channel suggested you run a program called
'monodis' to verify the embedded resource exsits inside the DataMapper
assembly. I suspect that is the problem. In Visual Studio when I add a
file to a project and I want to mark it as being an embedded resource,
I need to right click on the file and select Properties, then change
its Build Action from Content to Embedded Resource. You may need to do
something similiar in MonoDevelop for the .xsd files.

Have you noticed anything else not working? Are you using IBatisNet in
an Asp.Net application under Mono (XSP?) or in another type of project?

- Ron

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