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From Shawn Smiley <ssmiley...@yahoo.com>
Subject Separate Database Connections on Different Threads
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 21:39:57 GMT
Is it possible to have one set of iBatis objects use different database connections on different

My specific case is that I have a data import app running as a Windows Service.  I have one
thread that handles the actual data import of around 4000 records (within a single transaction)
that periodically raises events to the main service thread that periodically updates a job
queue table with the current status of the import process.

What's currently happening is that I get an initial status message written to the database
and then no other status messages make it to the DB until the import transaction completes.
 I'm not sure if the status updates are being included in the transaction or not.  I need
them to be completely independent of the import Transaction.  

I know that the status messages are being picked up by the service from the logging I'm doing
(I see every status event in the logs).

Is what I'm trying to do possible and if so, what can I do to make this work?


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