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From Ron Grabowski <rongrabow...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: c# ibatis: error
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2006 19:48:59 GMT
When I suggested you write your own program to verify the Oracle
provider is working correctly, I meant make an ADO.Net application
without IBatisNet. Your test application should connect to the an
Oracle database, query a table, and return information WITHOUT using
IBatisNet. Use the OracleCommand, OracleConnection, etc. objects (or
whatever they're called for the provider you're using). It sounds like
you're trying to solve two problems:

 1) The Oracle provider does not work
 2) IBatisNet does not work

at the same time. You should resolve the first issue then resolve the
second issue. I don't have access to an Oracle database. I think
Roberto does.

Could you post the entire stack trace to the list too. The snippet you
posted doesn't tell us what the actual exception is or what method
raised it.

--- zhlu@umich.edu wrote:

> I go the following errors when I ran my own program:
> - The error occurred while loading Providers.
>    at 
> IBatisNet.DataMapper.Configuration.DomSqlMapBuilder.Build(XmlDocument
> docu
> ment, DataSource dataSource, Boolean useConfigFileWatcher, Boolean 
> isCallFromDao
> )
>    at 
> IBatisNet.DataMapper.Configuration.DomSqlMapBuilder.Configure(String 
> resou
> rce)
>    at ArrayBind.Insert.go()
> The program HelloWorld works just fine. But I created my own simple 
> project and I got the errors.
> Could you tell me how to fix it?
> -Henry

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