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From "Gladys Gonzalez" <ggonza...@softekpr.com>
Subject Output Parameters in Stored Procedures
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 19:18:58 GMT


I want to return a value from a stored Procedure with Ibatis.  I did all
the steps indicated in the documentation but I can't get the value.  Can
you please send me a sample code to do this.  I'm including my code for
your review.


<parameterMap id="NewsInsert-Params">

      <parameter property="NewsId" column="OUT_NEWS_ID"
direction="Output" dbType="Numeric"/>

      <parameter property="Status" column="STATUS" />

      <parameter property="EmpId" column="EMP_ID" />

      <parameter property="DeptCode" column="DEPT_CODE" />

      <parameter property="NewsDate" column="NEWS_DATE" />

      <parameter property="Description" column="DESCRIPTION" />

      <parameter property="NewsText" column="NEWS_TEXT" />

      <parameter property="EffectiveFrom" column="EFFECTIVE_FROM" />

      <parameter property="EffectiveTo" column="EFFECTIVE_TO" />

      <parameter property="TimeFrom" column="TIME_FROM" />

      <parameter property="TimeTo" column="TIME_TO" />

      <parameter property="Type" column="TYPE" />

      <parameter property="DivisionCode" column="DIVISION_CODE" />

      <parameter property="ModificationId" column="MODIFICATION_ID" />

      <parameter property="ModificationName" column="MODIFICATION_NAME"

      <parameter property="TrnCode" column="TRN_CODE" />

      <parameter property="NewsAuditor.SigAction"
resultMapping="NewsMap.AuditSignature.SigAction" />


<parameter property="NewsAuditor.SigMeaning"
resultMapping="NewsMap.AuditSignature.SigMeaning" />

                  <parameter property="NewsAuditor.KeyId"
resultMapping="NewsMap.AuditSignature.KeyId" />

                  <parameter property="NewsAuditor.KeyUserId"
resultMapping="NewsMap.AuditSignature.KEYUSERID" />



<procedure id="InsertNews" parameterMap="NewsInsert-Params"




'This is a Method in my Class NewsMap, it is supposed to return an
object representing the News entity with the NewsId filled

Public Overloads Function Insert(ByVal objNews As
Domain.Maintenance.News) As Domain.Maintenance.News Implements

    Return ExecuteQueryForObject("InsertNews", objNews)

End Function


'Here is the implementation but does not return nothing

objNewsDomain = objNewsMap.Insert(CreateObject("I"))


I would appreciate any help you could give me.




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