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From Uwe Lesta <le...@sbs-softwaresysteme.de>
Subject Re: Problem with Cache with Ibatis DataMepper 1.3
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 11:14:49 GMT

Ron Grabowski wrote:

> What kind of cache model?

	LRU   ( see previous mail with the same subject )

> Can you post your failing test case?

No, cause it fails in a logical way. Seems that the cache return the
wrong content for the differen queries.

I have read in the Mailing list

I executed two opertations but with different values
of "#APLICACIONS#", but only recovered the first
operation, because it was in cache. I thought that if
I change the value, Ibatis would create a new Sql in

Is it right that i can't have a cache for a parametrize query ?.
or rather
the cache store only *one* result for a parametrize query
although the query was used by differen parameters.

	Is this true or false ?

Thank you for your time.


Kind regards

Lesta at SBS-Softwaresysteme.de

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