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From "Christopher Bissell" <ch...@enhypniomancy.com>
Subject Latest nightly build and existing List-based Generics calls result in ambiguous method
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 07:47:01 GMT
Hey folks,


One of the cool things about IBatis was that the below code actually worked
when running the 1.1 codebase in the 2.0 Framework:


       List<DoNotMail> items = new List<DoNotMail>();

       mapper.QueryForList("GetDoNotMail_Check", email, items);


The thing is, the above code pattern, while perfectly legal, will result in
a compile error in the current 2005 sourcetree:


Error     317       The call is ambiguous between the following methods or
properties: 'IBatisNet.DataMapper.SqlMapper.QueryForList(string, object,
System.Collections.IList)' and
ng, object, System.Collections.Generic.IList<MySpace.Domain.Media.Song>)'


The reason for this is that the 1st method technically accepts an IList, and
a generic List still implements IList.  So IList and IList<T> are not
mutually exclusive.  


While the above code would compile fine if the second line were re-written


       sql.QueryForList<Song>("GetBandSongList", bandID, songList);


it makes me wonder if this kind of pattern (differentiating between generic
lists and lists - when they both implement IList) will result in more of
these types of logical issues?







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