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From "H.E. Sum" <hackitoergo...@yahoo.com>
Subject selectKey and identity question
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 21:07:34 GMT
Hi, I have an insert statement which adds an object
into one table and a property of that object into
another table. I am using SQL Server with identity
inserts on both tables, however I want selectKey to
retrieve the key of the main object. Is there anyway
to accomplish this in the mapping (i.e specify where
the selectKey takes place), or do I need to execute
separate statements?

The map is similar to:

<insert id="InsertUser"	parameterClass="User">
      <selectKey property="Id" type="post"
resultClass="Int32">SELECT @@IDENTITY</selectKey>
      INSERT INTO fuser (
      VALUES (
INSERT INTO group (userid, name) VALUES (#Id#,

This works in postgresql with sequences, because the
selectKey is a pre-select which gets the key before
the main insert, but with sql server, the selectKey is
a post-select, so #Id# doesn't get populated until the
property insert.

Thanks in advance.

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