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From "Alexandre Grenier" <Alexandre.Gren...@markettools.com>
Subject Noob questions...
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 15:53:06 GMT
Hello All,


I got the SVN IBatis going with .NET 2.0. I like it, and I have some


- Where can I see a C# example of lazy loading / proxy, preferably with
a generic list...

- My app builds a 3 level object graph using properties with select in
resultMap, which ends up generating a LOT of commands (lots of
branches)... I've seen some stuff about "groupby" which would be really
useful, where can I find an example of that? Or anything else that would
help... I like the idea of having ibatis compose the tree for me.

- Looking for pointers on using caching on a webfarm... how to keep
cache on 16 servers synchronized? Seems like flushOnExecute becomes
useless in that context.

- I read something about <sql> and <include> tags... is this a Java only


Our DBA tends to complain when there is more than 1 connection to the
database per http request... I don't feel that's realist, but any
pointers in reducing connections/queries as much as possible are


Other examples (links etc) on reducing the amount of reflection,
overhead and all are much appreciated. Maybe there's a best practices
guide available somewhere?






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