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From "Jarmo Ollikainen [Entegra Oy]" <jarmo.ollikai...@entegra.fi>
Subject Could not load type after worker process idle timeout
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 05:22:07 GMT
Hello fellow iBATIS users,

I have an odd problem with DataMapper 1.2.1. When the ASP.NET 
application starts first time, everything is working perfectly. Then 
after application has been without use over the application pool's idle 
timeout limit and IIS 6 shutdowns application worker process, the 
application works otherwise normally, but DataMapper can't anymore find 
the classes that sqlmaps are referring to.

The dll files containing all needed classes are in the bin directory.

Pages that are not using DataMapper work fine even after woker process 
idle timeout.

The error message DataMapper throws is one of the following, depending 
what sqlmap happens to be first in the sqlmap.config:

Could not configure ResultMap. ResultMap named "SelectItemResult" not 
found, failed. Cause: Could not load type : MyApp.Item

- The error occurred while loading SqlMap.
- initialize ResultMap
- The error occurred in <sqlMap resource="../SqlMaps/Item.xml" />.
- Check the Item.SelectItemResult.]

Could not load type : MyApp.Item

- The error occurred while loading SqlMap.
- initialize type alias
- The error occurred in <sqlMap resource="../SqlMaps/Aliases.xml" />.
- Check the MyApp.Item.]

The application runs on Windows Server 2003 with SP1, using IIS 6 and 

Currently the Idle timeout -checkbox is checked on the Application 
Pool's settings.

IIS help describes it: "Idle timeout limits helps conserve system 
resources by terminating unused worker processes by gracefully closing 
idle processes after a specified idle duration. This allows you to 
better manage the resources on particular computers when the processing 
load is heavy, when identified applications consistently fall into an 
idle state, or when new processing space is not available."

Any idea how to avoid the errors other than unchecking the idle timeout 

Jarmo Ollikainen

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