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From "Potter, Christopher" <christopher.pot...@nfs.fiserv.com>
Subject ExecuteQueryForRowDelegate & ExecuteQueryForMapWithRowDelegate In CachingStatement Class
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 14:59:57 GMT
Hi All:


I'd like to propose the following changes to the 2 methods described in
the Subject above.  Please let me know your thoughts on this proposed
change.  I realize it requires iteration through the cached result
collection after retrieving the collection from the cache.  This still,
however, seems to provide a measurable performance benefit over going to
the database each time the query is executed.


public IList ExecuteQueryForRowDelegate(IDalSession session, object
parameterObject, SqlMapper.RowDelegate rowDelegate)


      //Original code:  return
_mappedStatement.ExecuteQueryForRowDelegate(session, parameterObject,

         IList list = this.ExecuteQueryForList(session,

         IList delegateList = new ArrayList(list.Count);


         foreach (object obj in list)


            rowDelegate(obj, parameterObject, delegateList);



         return delegateList;




public IDictionary ExecuteQueryForMapWithRowDelegate(IDalSession
session, object parameterObject, string keyProperty, string
valueProperty, SqlMapper.DictionaryRowDelegate rowDelegate)


      //Original code: return
parameterObject, keyProperty, valueProperty, rowDelegate);


         IDictionary map = this.ExecuteQueryForMap(session,
parameterObject, keyProperty, valueProperty);

         IDictionary delegateMap = new Hashtable(map.Count);


         foreach (object obj in map.Values)


            object key = ObjectProbe.GetPropertyValue(obj, keyProperty);

            object value = obj;

            if (valueProperty != null)


               value = ObjectProbe.GetPropertyValue(obj, valueProperty);



            rowDelegate(key, value, parameterObject, delegateMap);



         return delegateMap;



Thanks in advance for your input,

Chris Potter


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