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From "Nguyen, Tom" <Tom.Ngu...@rels.info>
Subject Hey Guys - Another IBatisNet Demo App for VS.NET2005
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 22:35:32 GMT
I've been playing with IBatisNet for the last two weeks and I'm will be
presenting it tomorrow to my Company.


Here is my PowerPoint presentation and sample application (it's not 100%
complete but pretty much there).  It has been pretty rough trying to get
everything together.  I thought I would share my presentation, if it
helps make it easy for someone new to learn IBatisNet.




Here is what included in the .NET 2005 Test project.

1.	Demonstrate using IBatisNet.DataMapper alone.
2.	Demonstrate using IBatisNet.DataAccess
3.	Demonstrate custom DataAccess implementing IBatisNet.DataMapper
4.	Demonstrate using Aspect# with IBatisNet (though the only thing
I did was mark an object as a proxy using mixin - you review aspect#
documentation to see how to setup interceptors/advices.)
5.	Demonstrate using multiple datasource - MS Access and SQL Server
- Use schema.sql to create your sql server database and set connection
string in sqlMap_sqlserver.config .


Thanks Gills and everyone for all your helps!


Note:  IBatsNet binaries were build using latest source from SVN, but
you need to make 3 minor modifications to work with Aspect#


Sorry Gills, the last time I asked for this bug fix, I was in a hurry
and had the logic reversed...


DotNetObjectDataExchange.cs line 81:

if (target.GetType() != _parameterClass 

&& !(_parameterClass.IsSubClassOf(target.GetType())) )

Should be:

            if ( (target.GetType() != _parameterClass)

                && !target.GetType().IsSubclassOf(_parameterClass))



And DlegatePropertyGetAccessor.cs( line 64 ) and
DelegatePropertySetAccessor (line 65):


            PropertyInfo propertyInfo =



            PropertyInfo propertyInfo =
_targetType.GetProperty(propertyName, BindingFlags.Public |
BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly);


            if (propertyInfo == null)

                propertyInfo = _targetType.GetProperty(propertyName);


This has to do with ambiguous method exception when overriding a
property with the new keyword:

Details: http://blogs.msdn.com/thottams/archive/2006/03/17/553376.aspx




Tom Nguyen

Sr. Developer



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