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From Peter Mills <developm...@peter.mills.to>
Subject Possible Bug: ResultMapping with a resultmap with no direct Properties
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 03:30:26 GMT
I'm having trouble with a resultmapping, using the latest beta of the 

The problem occurs when a resultMapping only contains properties with 
select attributes (no direct result properties).  In the example below, 
I'm trying to map a ReferencePeople object to my Customer object.  
ReferencePeople is a simple class that contains a customer's reference 
people at a company and some minimal logic.  As such, it contains no 
properties other than other mapped objects (such as Salesman).  When 
doing the mapping below, despite creating ReferencePeople abject and 
adding a salesman to  it, Ibatis injects null into the ReferencePeople 
property of Customer.  However, if I add any direct property to 
ReferencePeople, such as copying the Customer's version property in 
there, then Ibatis properly injects a ReferencePeople object into Customer.

<resultMap id="Customer" class="Customer">
    <result property="CustomerID" column="CustomerID"/>
    <result property="ReferencePeople" 
    <result property="Version" column ="Version"/>

<resultMap id="ReferencePeopleResult" class="ReferencePeople">
    <result property="PreferredSalesman" column="PreferredSalesman" 
    <!-- If I add a random property from Customer to ReferencePeople, so 
that it has a direct property, then everything works fine -->       
    <!--<result property="Version" column ="Version"/>-->

class customer
    properties: CustomerID: long, ReferencePeople: ReferencePeople, 
Version: long

class ReferencePeople
    properties: PreferredSalesman: Salesman, Version: long (version was 
only added in debugging and does not belong in ReferencePeople)

    Customer and ReferencePeople information are both stored in the 
Customer Table, Salesman infromation is in its own table.


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