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From Peter Mills <developm...@peter.mills.to>
Subject Re: Creating a DataTable from an IList returned from the data mapper
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:40:11 GMT
The following blog post may be of use to you:


It's titled "An ObjectDataSource/GridView Adapter for Business Entity 
Collections", and in the article he uses the reflection to adapt a 
POCO/PI object into subclass of datatable.  I haven't used it, but it's 
an interesting approach.



Riccardo d'Errico wrote:

> I understand this...
> Unfortunately not all the components I use accepts a direct binding to 
> an IList.
> As an example some time ago I asked Telerik support if it was possible 
> to bind directly to their panel bar with an  IList.
> The answer was at that time (2 months ago) that  it was not possible 
> but it could be done iterating the ilist and building the panelbar 
> items programmatically.
> Plus I considered that the datatable was a superset of an IList as it 
> direcly exposed other features (like sorting and filtering).
> It would be possible to add  to the wishlists a QueryForDataSet 
> or QueryForDataTable methods  for the data mapper?

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