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From Uwe Lesta <le...@sbs-softwaresysteme.de>
Subject Re: How are you working with Ibatis?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 19:38:37 GMT
i had used ibatis for one project.
based on some scripts for 'MyGeneration' which build for my

- the database documentation
- the DB creation scrips
- the xml files, classes and wrapper classes in two directories
	one is galled 'gen' the other 'man'
	wrapper classe and xml files in the man directory inherit
	from the bin dir.

Riccardo d'Errico wrote:

> Having recently discovered Ibatis (and in love of it) It would be
> interesting for me to see how people use it.
> On my side I use:
> - a Codesmith templates that generates an xml description file
> - I modify the xml template to customize what I need to be generated
> - other Codesmith templates that generates from the xml file all the simple
> classes, the sql map file, the config file
> - I use one sqlmap for the generated code and an sql map for the custom
> queries
> - I then include all  this in a class library, embedding also all the xml
> files (providers.config, sqlmap.config and two sql maps)
> - I also include in the library a generated  DalManager class that exposes
> all the methods to call the queries.
> - I generate also some Datasources and Dataview to be bound in the ui 
> (but I
> am not very satisfied of them)
> Please post your way of using it


Kind regards

Lesta at SBS-Softwaresysteme.de

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