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From "Gilles Bayon" <ibatis....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Possible Bug: ResultMapping with a resultmap with no direct Properties
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 19:39:48 GMT
If I modify a mapping in test to reproduce your mapping, I see no problem.
Here is the modified mapping from Order.xml

<resultMap id="order-with-dyn-favourite-line-item" class="Order">
<!--<result property="Id" column="Order_ID"/>
<result property="Date" column="Order_Date"/>
<result property="CardExpiry" column="Order_CardExpiry"/>
<result property="CardType" column="Order_CardType"/>
<result property="CardNumber" column="Order_CardNumber"/>
<result property="Street" column="Order_Street"/>
<result property="City" column="Order_City"/>
<result property="Province" column="Order_Province"/>
<result property="PostalCode" column="Order_PostalCode"/>-->
<result property="FavouriteLineItem" column="
Order_ID=Order_ID,LineItem_ID=Order_FavouriteLineItem" select="
GetDynSpecificLineItem" />

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