Having recently discovered Ibatis (and in love of it) It would be interesting for me to see how people use it.
On my side I use:
- a Codesmith templates that generates an xml description file
- I modify the xml template to customize what I need to be generated
- other Codesmith templates that generates from the xml file all the simple classes, the sql map file, the config file
- I use one sqlmap for the generated code and an sql map for the custom queries
- I then include all  this in a class library, embedding also all the xml files (providers.config, sqlmap.config and two sql maps)
- I also include in the library a generated  DalManager class that exposes all the methods to call the queries.
- I generate also some Datasources and Dataview to be bound in the ui (but I am not very satisfied of them)
Please post your way of using it