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From "Jesus Mirabal" <jmira...@investran.com>
Subject database audit capabilities in iBatis?
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 18:58:23 GMT


I have posted a couple of emails to this list since we began to evaluate
and prototype iBatis. I work for a considerable large software company
that provides solutions for renowned financial institutions. We are in
the verge of embarking in a big project that includes the architecture
renovation of one of our product suites.

Obviously, we are taking iBatis, as well as NHibernate in consideration
to be the foundation of our Data Access Layer.


For various reasons we have been more inclined towards the iBatis
implementation. However, we are facing a couple of problems we have to
resolve before taking a definitive decision.


One of the requirements we have is to collect audit information at the
field level in the database. We have our own implementation to provide
such behavior. Our implementation is based on the Castle Project Windsor
Container, taking advantage of IoC, interceptors, etc. The more
restricted nature of iBatis, compared with the extensibility of
NHibernate creates some problems for us to intercept the properties Set
accessor. In the middle of this, I was wondering if adding database
audit capabilities to a framework like iBatis would make sense. This
could be a really nice feature I'm almost sure a lot of DAL developers
could take advantage from. But in any case, my intention is to try and
brainstorm with you guys about the different possibilities we have to
accomplish such audit capabilities with iBatis.


I hope we get some ideas from this community. If necessary we could
share more details of our specific implementation so far.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation,


J. Mirabal


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