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From "Chtelmakh, Oleg" <Oleg.Chtelm...@53.com>
Subject Exception in DaoProxy (.Net). Any help is appreciated
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 15:23:40 GMT

I would appreciate any help in resolving the following issue.

We are evaluating IBatis DataAccess 1.8 and DataMapper 1.5. (binary

When executing the following test:


public void GetAllCountriesViaDao() { 

ICountryDao dao = GetCountryDao();

Assert.IsNotNull(dao, "Dao not created ");

IList cl = dao.GetCountryList();

Assert.IsNotNull(cl, "Counties not retrieved is Null"); 

Assert.IsTrue(cl.Count > 0 ,"Empty Country list");



GetCountryDao() looks like:


private ICountryDao GetCountryDao(){ 


return daoManager[typeof(ICountryDao)] as ICountryDao;


And CountrySqlMapDao class looks like:



public class CountrySqlMapDao: BaseSqlMapDao, ICountryDao {

public CountrySqlMapDao(): base() {


public virtual IList GetCountryList(){ 

return ExecuteQueryForList("SelectAll", null); 




I am getting the following exception: 

DAOTester.CountryDaoTest.GetAllCountriesViaDao :
IBatisNet.DataAccess.Exceptions.DataAccessException : DaoProxy : unable
to intercept method name 'GetCountryList', cause : Invalid argument

----> System.ArgumentException : Invalid argument

at IBatisNet.DataAccess.Configuration.DaoProxy.Intercept(IInvocation
invocation, Object[] arguments)


at DAOTester.CountryDaoTest.GetAllCountriesViaDao() in c:\documents and
e 64


at IBM.Data.DB2.DB2ConnPool.a(String A_0, a& A_1, f& A_2)

at IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Connection.set_ConnectionString(String value)

at IBatisNet.DataMapper.SqlMapSession.OpenConnection(String

at IBatisNet.DataMapper.SqlMapper.OpenConnection()


at IBatisNet.DataAccess.DaoManager.OpenConnection()

at IBatisNet.DataAccess.Configuration.DaoProxy.Intercept(IInvocation
invocation, Object[] arguments)






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