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From "Michael Schall" <mike.sch...@gmail.com>
Subject ConfigureAndWatch not "Watching"
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 20:35:05 GMT
I am attempting to use the ConfigureAndWatch.  The code I'm using is
not throwing an exception, however if I change a sqlMap file, it is
not being reloaded.  I have included a condensed DatabaseManager class
below.  Any hints would be great.  I'm using Mapper 1.3. (Looking to
upgrade, but no time for regression testing right now)

Thanks for your time.

Public NotInheritable Class DatabaseManager

	Private Shared _log As ILogger = LogManager.GetLogger(GetType(DatabaseManager))
	Private Shared _lock As Object = New Object()

	Private Shared _mapper As SqlMapper
	Private Shared _configurationFile As FileInfo

	Public Shared Sub Configure(ByVal configurationFile As FileInfo)

		If configurationFile Is Nothing Then
			Throw New System.ArgumentNullException("configurationFile")
		End If

		_log.Debug("Configuring database access using configuration file
{0}", configurationFile.FullName)

		_configurationFile = configurationFile

		'Initialize the _mapper
		Dim mapper As SqlMapper = Instance()

		_log.Debug("Done configuring database access using configuration
file {0} ", configurationFile.Name)

	End Sub

	Friend Shared Function Instance() As SqlMapper
		If _mapper Is Nothing Then
			SyncLock (_lock)
				If _mapper Is Nothing Then
					Dim handler As ConfigureHandler = New ConfigureHandler(AddressOf
					Dim builder As DomSqlMapBuilder = New DomSqlMapBuilder()
					_mapper = builder.ConfigureAndWatch(_configurationFile, handler)
				End If
			End SyncLock
		End If
		Return _mapper
	End Function

	Protected Shared Sub resetMapper(ByVal obj As Object)
		SyncLock (_lock)
			_mapper = Nothing
		End SyncLock
	End Sub

	Private Sub New()

	End Sub

End Class

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