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From "Zarar Siddiqi" <zar...@gmail.com>
Subject Exception: WebSessionStore: Could not obtain reference to HttpContext
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 03:45:20 GMT
I'm using IBatis in a fairly old application and it's been running
stable for quite some time but once in a while almost at random I get
the following exception:

006-08-19 18:38:17,928 [31224] INFO  ruby.kron.ShipmentDownloader | -
Exception: WebSessionStore: Could not obtain reference to HttpContext
   at IBatisNet.DataMapper.SessionStore.WebSessionStore.ObtainSessionContext()
   at IBatisNet.DataMapper.SessionStore.WebSessionStore.get_LocalSession()
   at IBatisNet.DataMapper.SqlMapper.QueryForObject(String
statementName, Object parameterObject)
   at ruby.dao.UtilSqlMapDao.getAppVar(String name)

Once this error happens, I have to restart the app for it to go away.

The only thing different about this piece of code is that it runs as a
"kron process" in the background once the web application starts - it
gets initialized and destroyed in Global.asax.  So this is not the
result of a user action via a browser.  What's confusing me is the
HttpContext in the exception since I don't really see what that has to
do with it seeing how this is running completely independent of an
Http Request

Any help is appreciated.

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