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From "Per Magne Bjornerud" <PMBjorne...@interlect.co.jp>
Subject VS2005 bug? Can't undo when editing XML files
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 02:59:59 GMT

I have a strange thing happening in VS2005: The "undo" feature is gone
when editing my SqlMap.config or any of the mapping files. Code files
are fine, I can undo anything I like.

Have anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? I'm using
VS2005 and MS Visual SourceSafe.

More details:

It seems to be related to Visual SourceSafe and the "on edit: check oout
automatically" setting, in combination with the <sqlMap> tag. For some
reason, if I first edit anything within the <sqlMap> tag, I can undo
just fine. I can also undo just fine if I check out manually, instead of
just typing a change and letting VS2005 check out the file for me.

So I can work around this problem, butI find it slightly annoying and
would love to find out what is causing this. Especially the part about
undo working if I edit the <sqlmap> tag first boggles me.

Per Magne Bjornerud

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