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From Stief Dirckx <Stief.Dir...@icasa-consulting.com>
Subject dynamic order by clause
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 06:45:14 GMT

I'm having some questions about the dynamic sorting example in the iBatis 
datamapper manual on page 51. What I want to do is is to pass an object to 
an select statement but I also want to make the sorting dynamic (sort 
field and sort type). But how can I pass these 2 extra parameters using 
the QueryForList method?

This is what I have up to now:
<select id="SelectUser" parameterClass="User" resultMap="UserResult">
    <dynamic prepend="ORDER BY ">
        <isNotEmpty property="SortField">
            ORDER BY $SortField$ $SortType$
But with this solution I have to add 2 properties to my user class 
(sortfield and sorttype). How can I avoid doing that?


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