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From "Anderson Forteleza" <afortal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: iBATIS.NET Survey
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 12:08:06 GMT
> * What operating system and .NET version are you using?

Windows XP, .NET 2.0

* In what contexts are you currently using iBATIS.NET?

Web Applications

* What is your use?


* What do you think of the quality of these libraries?

Good organization, I'm happy with it so far.

* Why have you selected iBATIS.NET?

Because of its simlpicity and also because I have full control over SQL.

- What you like / dislike?

I like the fact that it's simple to use and that it supports generics, this
helps me a lot. I think a GUI tool for XML editiing would bring a great
improvement in production.

* About the documentation? (A book is on the rail :-)...)
> - Is it clear?


- Which improvements do you want?

A very simple case study showing how to setup iBatis from scratch for
beginners, some kinf of tutorial, I missed that when I was beginning. The
available tutorial for .NET no the website is very poor and takes a lot for

* About yours projects using iBATIS.NET, your company?

We use iBatis in a school management system, my school is at
http://www.aridesa.com.br in Fortaleza, Brazil, it's one of the most
important schools in our state, CearĂ¡.

Anderson Fortaleza

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