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From "Zarar Siddiqi" <zar...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: iBATIS.NET Survey
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2006 16:06:52 GMT
> * What operating system and .NET version are you using?

Windows Server 2003, 1.1

> * In what contexts are you currently using iBATIS.NET?
Multi-threaded web and windows applications.

> * What is your use?

> * What do you think of the quality of these libraries?
I've encountered just one problem (pluggable session storage) that I
haven't overcome.  Overall, the libraries seem to be good.

> * Why have you selected iBATIS.NET?
I was already using IBatis for Java.  For a larger Java project, I'm
using Hibernate.  And next time for a large project, I will evaluate
NHibernate before going with IBatis.

But IBatis's simplicity is what makes it attractive.

> * What's your overall opinion of iBATIS?
It is a good product

> - What you like / dislike?
- Getting log4net to log is a pain.
- Session storage should be pluggable.

I like the seperation of sql statements from code.

> - What could be improved?
- Annotation support would be awesome.
- Better log messages for mapping errors would be great.
- Don't know why I have to worry about providers.config

> - What problems do you encounter?
Log4Net, session storage

> * About the documentation? (A book is on the rail :-)...)
Please, please, please make the documentation available in HTML online

> * About yours projects using iBATIS.NET, your company?
The main project that uses IBatis is a Shipping application which does
a LOT of background processing via threads and has a bunch of Kron
jobs scheduled (hence all the session storage problems since its not
necessarily a web context).  A windows application that uses web
services exposed by the same web application is also in production.

> _________________
> Gilles Bayon.
> iBATIS Team

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