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From "Jeremy Gray" <jg...@siberra.com>
Subject RE: MethodAccessException in emitted code "GetImplementation"
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:35:19 GMT
I too have encountered a very similar issue, though with the
corresponding "Set" version of DelegatePropertyGetAccessor. From what I
could tell, there appears to be a limitation in current ibatis where
domain objects are restricted from being generics or having them as
properties, except for a few that are specifically or transparently
supported by ibatis (e.g. IList<T>, Nullable<T>).

Unfortunately, I've not had the time to dig into the ibatis code
involved, so I have had to dumb down my domain model quite a bit in
places where generics could have been used to great advantage. That
"dumbing down" is now impacting complexity more and more as I work my
way up through the layers of my application. :(

I'll present a small example here in case it is of help to the ibatis

Given a domain model layer supertype called Entity, if I attempt to map
via ibatis the data for another class called Similarity<T> where T :
Entity, I will get the kind of exception Finn has described, though for
me it was on the "Set" side when using Similarity<T> in a result map.
This error also persisted even if I took the generic out of the class's
explicit definition and instead referenced a class called
EntitySimilarity : Similarity<Entity>.


-----Original Message-----
From: Finn Nielsen [mailto:fn2177@surfmail.dk] 
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 5:19 AM
To: user-cs@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: MethodAccessException in emitted code "GetImplementation"

First of all, great work with iBATIS. :)
Now, on to the subject. I am not sure if my observation is a problem
with iBATIS, a feature request or a problem with my own code. Therefore
I will start out by sending this mail.

An example of my environment (heavily abstracted):
.NET version 2.0.
iBATIS binaries:
IBatisNet.Common 1.4.1
IBatisNet.DataMapper 1.5.1
IBatisNet.DataAccess 1.8.1
I have a Common assembly which defines common utility types for use
within the domain model. The utility types often use generics. The
Common assembly is dependant on two other assemblies not mentioned here,
but naturally only using public stuff in the dependant assemblies.
One particular class is:
public class SpecialReference<T> where T : class
  // stuff omitted
  public T Value
   get { /*...*/ }
   set { /*...*/ }

I have a Model assembly which contains the domain model types. Is
dependant on the Common assembly.
Two fictive domain model classes are:
public class DomainObjectA
  private int identifier;
  // stuff omitted

public class DomainObjectB
  private SpecialReference<DomainObjectA> domainObjectA;
  // stuff omitted
In my mapping xml file for DomainObjectB I got stuff like:
<insert id="insertDomainObjectB" parameterClass="DomainObjectB">
      INSERT INTO DOM_OBJ_B (columns) 
      VALUES (/* omitted stuff */, #domainObjectA.Value.identifier#, /*
omitted stuff */)
The symptom:
When I insert a DomainObjectB I get a MethodAccessException where the
stack trace points to "GetImplementation". I know that domainObjectA
within the DomainObjectB instance has been properly initialized.
I tried referencing the iBATIS source (Source Revision 426164) with
which I was able to reporduce the problem. The MethodAccessException
occured in the emitted code within
That is, when the emitted code was invoked using the GetValue delegate.
The odd thing is, that I am sure that the
#specialDomainObjectA.Value.identifier#  is valid, in the sence that the
SpecialReference<T> class is public, and so is the Value property.
Next I tried in the IBatis.Common.2005 project to reference the Model
and Common assemblies, and implement my own hardcoded GetValue delegate
which was typed for DomainObjectB, but basically did the same as the
emitted code. That is, cast the input object to the specific type,
invoke the get property and return the result. This worked, i.e. I got
no MethodAccessException. Afterwards I removed my own experimentation
code from the iBATIS source and also removed the references for the
assemblies Model and Common.
After a couple of other unsuccessfull attempts i found a "cure". Within
IBatisNet.Common.Utilities.Objects.Members.DelegatePropertyGetAccessor a
line of code states:
DynamicMethod dynamicMethod = new DynamicMethod("GetImplementation",
typeof(object), new Type[] { typeof(object) }, this.GetType().Module,
I flipped the last boolean to true, which means to skip JIT visibility
checks on members of all the types in all modules. This worked.

Is the need for changing the boolean from false to true:
1. A flaw in the IBatisNet.Common assembly
2. A flaw in my code,
3. A feature request for IBatisNet.Common
Thanks for taking the time to read my mail. :)
Kind regards
Finn Nielsen

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