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From "Per Magne Bjornerud" <PMBjorne...@interlect.co.jp>
Subject RE: iBATIS.NET Survey
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 05:24:51 GMT
* What operating system and .NET version are you using?
- Win2003 Server / .Net 2.0

* In what contexts are you currently using iBATIS.NET?
- Web Applications

* What is your use?
- Production, not yet released.

* What do you think of the quality of these libraries?
- Very good so far, I'm still a newbie here

* Why have you selected iBATIS.NET?
- simplicity & flexibility
- We needed a data mapper, and wanted it to adjust to our current DB. 

* What's your overall opinion of iBATIS?
- like: very flexible
- dislike: Not so much. Maybe the fact that I now have string references
to statements in the XML?
- feature most interested in: Avoiding N+1 selects (I know it's coming
soon. Thank you! :)

* About the documentation? (A book is on the rail :-)...)
Data Mapper Dev guide is good.
More samples/demos would be great. Preferably small samples that solve
one problem per sample.
I found the QuickStart Guide confusing. With XML files and DB schema
given, I assumed I could copy-paste the examples there. However, this
put my initial, fumbling attempts on a long path of mysterious error

I was missing a minimalistic sample that would include everything needed
to get the simplest possible case of an iBatis application up and

* About yours projects using iBATIS.NET, your company?
I'm currently working at a small software company in Japan, targeting
the educational sector. We're trying out iBatis on a smaller application
now, and will likely start moving our main application over to iBatis
for the next version.

Per Magne Bjornerud

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