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From "Nguyen, Tom" <Tom.Ngu...@rels.info>
Subject RE: iBATIS.NET Survey
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:25:25 GMT

> * What operating system and .NET version are you using?
Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, .NET 2.0 

>* In what contexts are you currently using iBATIS.NET?
X Windows Applications
X Web Applications
X Libraries

>* What is your use?
X Evaluation for a new application
X Testing
X Others...: Additional Development

>* What do you think of the quality of these libraries?

>* Why have you selected iBATIS.NET?
X For his simplicity
X For his flexibility

>* What's your overall opinion of iBATIS? 
The DataMapper is great.  

>- What you like / dislike?  
We like the ability to use both stored procedure and dynamic sql.  We
also like being able to map to fields.  Coming from a Microsoft only
shop, our developer doesn't grasp the concept of DAO very well so we are
customizing our own version of the DataAccess block.
>- What could be improved? 
A UI for Database to Business Object mapping that would edit the XML
file or create new business object class would be very nice.  (Like .NET
2.0 Class Diagram...)

> - What problems do you encounter? 
So far: None.

> - What features are you most interested in? 
A DataMapper UI as described above.

>* About the documentation? (A book is on the rail :-)...)
It's all good for me.

>- Is it clear?

>- Which improvements do you want?
Don't know yet.

>- More samples? Demo applications?
Sure, that would be great.

>* About yours projects using iBATIS.NET, your company?

Tom Nguyen
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