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From "Giancarlo Valente" <giancarlo.vale...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: distributed cahing/iBATIS.Net
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:11:37 GMT

following the suggestions of Ron Grabowski's previous post, i've
easily made a working MemcachedController, for testing purpose.

All the stuff works (assuming lazy load=false for the cached statement)

But I think there's a conceptual fault.

For my purposes a distributed cache is useful for a large amount of
data; the cache system of iBatis allows me to flush only the entire
cache, and not only a certain cached result.

If I've many servers with multiple memcached instances, for a single
insert/delete/update statement i would like to be able to update only
the affected portion of the cache.

<cacheModel id="mc" implementation="MEMCACHED">
<flushOnExecute statement="Publication-insert" key="key_object"/>

<select id="GetAll"  resultMap="myMap" cacheModel="mc" key="key_object">

where : key_object is only a "cache portion" discriminator.

I know this is not easy to do.

A more applicable solution is to use iBATIS's checheModels as a
large-grain discriminator.

IBatis let me specify different cacheModels in order to specify
different cache behaivor.

Unfortunately Memcached does not provide a way to subdivide in
"namespaces" the distribuited "dictionary", in order to flush only the
part of the cache for a given cacheModel !!!

Do you have any suggestions ? Does this make sense to you ? or i'm
following a dead-track ?


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