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From Kyle Korndoerfer <kkorndoer...@yahoo.com>
Subject Complex Properties & Master/Detail Data Binding
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 21:29:40 GMT
I have a Master/Detail scenario that I am having an issue with on a web page. The *Master*
DetailsView control displays perfectly by using an ObjectDataSource that returns data from
the database as IList<MyClass>.

The data that I would like to display in the *Details* DetailsView control should ideally
come from the Complex Property 'Contact' of the record currently displayed in the *Master*
DetailsView control.


MyClass has the following properties:

    int ID;
    string XYZ;
    Person Contact;

Person has the following properties:

    string FirstName;
    string LastName;

MyClass.xml SqlMap (snippets):

    <resultMap ... >
        <result property="Contact" column="contactID" select="selectContact" />
    <select id="selectContact" parameterClass="int" ...>
        SELECT * FROM Contact WHERE ContactID = #value#

The *Master* DetailsView control is showing the properties of the MyClass object(s) perfectly
(Contact field is included in fields bound to the control, but hidden).

How do I get the *Details* DetailsView control to display the "MyClass.Contact" portion of
the data item currently bound to the *Master* DetailsView control?

Do I have to manually bind both controls during page load & postback? There has to be
an easier way and I'm sure I am missing something easy, but it is thus far eluding me.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

-={ Kyle }=-

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