I've been trying to use the groupBy feature available in the trunk and it works great. However, I haven't managed to have the right results for maps that return a primitive.

These are the result maps:

<resultMap id="Fields.ResultMap" class="Field">
      <result property="Id" column="id"  />
      <result property="Name" column="name" />
      <result property="Description" column="description" />
      <result property="FieldType" column="field_type"/>

    <resultMap id="Fields.Fill.ResultMap" class="Field" extends="Fields.ResultMap" groupBy="Id">
      <result property="PossibleValues" column="value_text" resultMapping="Fields.PossibleValues.ResultMap" />

    <resultMap id="Fields.PossibleValues.ResultMap" class="string">
      <result property="value" column="value_text" />

and here is the statement:

<select id="Select.Fields.Fill" resultMap="Fields.Fill.ResultMap" parameterClass="string">
      f.*, pv.value_text
      FROM fields f
      LEFT JOIN possible_values pv ON f.id = pv.field_id
        WHERE f.id = #value#

It actually groups the results correctly (2 inserted entries return 2 rows) but I get empty strings instead of the correct values.
Where did I go wrong, or is this is a bug?

Thanks in advance,
  Bruno Silva
Cool Advance - Information Systems