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From "Bob Hanson" <mnbo...@gmail.com>
Subject friend assemblies
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:56:59 GMT
While this isn't an iBatis specific comment, it does provide helpful
information that developers might find useful when using a 3rd party
application like iBatis.

.NET 2.0 allows for "friend assemblies" (something I wanted in 1.1).
This might be old news to many but I only discovered this today.
Here's a link:

"An interesting assembly-level attribute introduced by .NET 2.0 is the
InternalsVisibleTo attribute, defined in the
System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace. The InternalsVisibleTo
attribute allows you to expose internal types and methods to clients
from another specified assembly. This is also known as declaring a
friend assembly."

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