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From "Jorge Perez" <jpe...@investran.com>
Subject default parameter mapping for stored procedures
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 21:31:01 GMT

Hi, I have the following problem:


I have a stored procedure that takes 3 parameters.


CREATE Procedure [dbo].[spContactDelete] (@ContactID int, @Caller
varchar(128)=null, @Callerid int=0)


I want to map to the above stored procedure without using a hashTable.
In other words without doing this


<parameterMap id="OrganizationParameterMap"           class="HashTable">

      <parameter column="ContactID"       property="Id"
type="System.Int32"     />

      <parameter column="Caller"          property="Caller "
type="string"           />

      <parameter column="Callerid"        property="Callerid "
type="string"  />

I already have an object called Contact which has the ContactID
property, but does not have the other 2 parameters.  
Is there a way that I can just pass the contact object and have ibatis
use the default values? 
I would like to do something similar to this:

int recordsAffected =
mapper.Delete(statementNameBuilder.DeleteStatementName, contact);





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