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From "Atilla Ozgur" <ati.oz...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: More on multiple datasources
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 22:34:48 GMT
I had to make changes to DomSqlMapBuilder.cs file to be able to run IBatis.

		public string ApplyDataMapperNamespacePrefix( string elementName )
            return elementName;
//			return DATAMAPPER_NAMESPACE_PREFIX+ ":" + elementName.
//				Replace("/","/"+DATAMAPPER_NAMESPACE_PREFIX+":");

		public static string ApplyMappingNamespacePrefix( string elementName )
            return elementName;
            //return MAPPING_NAMESPACE_PREFIX+ ":" + elementName.
            //    Replace("/","/"+MAPPING_NAMESPACE_PREFIX+":");

if I do not make this changes, SelectSingleNode methods does return
null. And I get NullPointerExceptions. My locale is turkish and I use
Windows XP SP2 with VS.NET 2005 SP1.

Do you have any idea? Why I had to make this changes? I think that i
am doing my configuration wrong. I copied
provider.xsd,SqlMap.xsd,SqlMapConfig.xsd files both
VS.NET schemas and I also included them with my project.

After making these patches my simple solution works as expected. I am
evaluating IBatis for my DAL. Any ideas welcome. Thank you for your

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