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From "Tony Selke" <tse...@liquidhub.com>
Subject <typeAlias> support for C# Generics?
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 14:07:33 GMT
I have a problem that I either don't understand or which isn't currently
supported by the iBATIS DataMapper (v.1.6.1).  Any insight or
recommendations are greatly appreciated.


I use a heavily customized, generic BindingList as the collection for all of
my entity classes.  For reference, the type and its super-class are shown



public class TList<T> : ListBase<T> where T : IEntity, new()


public abstract class ListBase<T> : 

   BindingList<T>, IBindingListView, IBindingList, 

   IList, ICloneable, IListSource, ITypedList, 

   IDisposable, IComponent, IRaiseItemChangedEvents, 




If we use the traditional Northwind-based example, I have the following
sqlMap alias section in the config file associated with the Category



<sqlMap namespace="Northwind.Entities.Categories" . . . >


    <typeAlias alias="Instance" type="Northwind.Entities.Categories,
Northwind.Entities" />

    <typeAlias alias="List"
type="Northwind.Entities.TList&lt;Categories&gt;, Northwind.Entities" />


. . .




When I try to initialize the mapper instance like so: 


ISqlMapper map = Mapper.Instance();


I get the following inner exception:


"Could not load type from string value
'Northwind.Entities.TList<Categories>, Northwind.Entities'.":""



I am guessing that the issue has to do with how the SqlMapper is using
reflection to check/instantiate each typeAlias.  The reflection code for
dealing with generics is a bit more involved than a simple
Assembly.LoadFrom() and Assembly.CreateInstance().  More details with an
example can be seen here:




While I can probably get around this issue by having "collection classes"
that inherit from a typed-instance of my TList<T>, it sort of defeats much
of the purpose of the generic concept.  Is there something I am missing?  Is
there a way to do this without "hacking around" it?







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