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From "Dorin Manoli" <Dorin.Man...@dataireland.ie>
Subject Sessions
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 09:44:06 GMT
Hi everybody.

I got a little trouble with connections.


First I will start with a brief description of my Application.


I got a Class Library which includes iBATIS XML files, persistent
classes. Also in this Library is a static class Mapper which create and
configure DomSqlMap and through which I can cal lISqlMapper..

I followed example from iBATIS document. 

Then I assigned a MAP class to each persistent class.

Ex. I have Customer class then I create another class CustomerMap which
contains methods for operations like Add/Update/Delete.


I have couple of  such class-combination. Finaly I have a WinForm
application from which I call MAP classes and render information on


Finally    the problem:

I used JetBrains dotTrace profiler to optimize my code and I found that
each time I call a method from MAP class iBATIS OpenConnection method is

I thought if I'll use Sessions I will save "precious" 13ms on each
OpenConnection call. So I followecd example from iBATIS Maper manual.



using ( IDalSession session = sqlMap.OpenConnection() )


Account account = sqlMap.QueryForObject("GetAccountViaColumnName", 1) as



But instead of calling sqlMap.QueryObject

I am using 


using ( IDalSession session = Mapper.Instance().OpenConnection() )


       Customer cust=customerMap.GetCustomer(customerId);

       ....... . . . .



Inside GetCustomer I have


Mapper.Instance().QueryForObject(... . . );



Profiling again I saw that OpenConnection is invoked again.

Something went wrong, but couldn't find in any manual how to properly
use Session. Also looking in unit tests Ididn't found answers.




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