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From "Tony Selke" <tony.se...@gmail.com>
Subject Dynamic where clauses & parameter classes
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:42:28 GMT
I have two unrelated questions which I am hoping someone else has experience
with.  The documentation on these areas is limited and I am not finding good
examples online.


Question One: <update/> statements


I have structures with nullable data members which match the actual data
classes I use for holding data.  The purpose of the structures is to allow a
developer to instantiate the structure and fill in (i.e. give a non-null
value to) any property which they want to include in the where clause.  This
class is defined as the <update parameterClass/>.  In the case of an
<update/>, I also want to be able to pass in a set of values in the form of
a class.  However, I don't see any attributes that will allow me to pass in
an argumentClass (with values for the SET column = property) and a
parameterClass (for the WHERE column = property).  Am I missing something


Question Two: <dynamic/> where clause


Here again I use the "Parameter structure" described above, but I am having
trouble getting the right combination of XML elements put together to do
what I want.  My goal here is to be able to do the following with one
<select/> statement:


(A) If no parameter is provided (parameterClass = null), then I want to just
have a SELECT-FROM statement with no WHERE clause at all.


(B) If a parameterClass is provided and has at least one property that is
not null, then I want to evaluate each of the property values in the
parameterClass and, if that property is not null, I want to add a WHERE
condition for that specific property.  Here's what my <select><dynamic>
statement looks like today:


<select id="SelectActionLevel" parameterClass="ActionLevelParams" 

        resultMap="ActionLevelResult" listClass="ActionLevelList">





     <dynamic prepend="WHERE">


                <isNotNull prepend="AND"
property="ActionLevelId">ACTION_LEVEL_ID = #ActionLevelId#</isNotNull>

                <isNotNull prepend="AND" property="Name">NAME =

                <isNotNull prepend="AND" property="Description">DESCRIPTION
= #Description#</isNotNull>





Does anyone have any advise on how I can modify this to do what I am looking
for above?


Thanks for your help!





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