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From Fabrizio Magosso <fmago...@hotmail.com>
Subject Inserting a complex class
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 12:11:32 GMT
Hello all.I'm new with iBatis and I'm having trouble inserting a complex class to the database.For
example, I would like to insert the following class:+ Person     -----> Remark   Id   
                 Id   Name               Text   SurnameGiven that the class "Person" has a
List<Remark>, I'd like to create a insert statementon the SQL Map.<statement id="insertPerson"
class="???"> * I don't know which class. Person or Remark???  insert into PERSON (Id, Name,
Surname)  values  (#Id#, #Name#, #Surname#);</statement>And so... Where and when do
I create the Remark insert statement ??Maybe I'm doing something wrong or even started on
the wrong way of thinking, so I'dlike someone to give me a hint, if possible.Thank you all.Regards,Fabrizio
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