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From "Tony Johnson" <tony.john...@edenbrook.co.uk>
Subject Multiple external <sqlmaps>
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 10:55:30 GMT


I'm working on a large enterprise application that has a series of data
access assemblies for different functional areas. For example, we might
have one assembly that concentrates on customer details etc and another
that looks after invoices. In each assembly, there are hundreds of
embedded resource sqlmap configurations (generally one for each entity /


When I come to pull these together into an application, my application's
sqlmap.config file then has to list out all of these sqlmap
configuration resources individually?


Ideally what I'd like to do is have each assembly pull together its own
<sqlmaps> section and then include these in my application's <sqlmaps> :


In sqlmaps.config as a resource in Project.Domain.Customers.dll:


            <sqlmap embedded="Project.Domain.Customers.Customer.xml"/>

            <sqlmap embedded="Project.Domain.Customers.Contact.xml"/>




Then in sqlmaps.config as a resource in Project.Domain.Invoices.dll:


            <sqlmap embedded="Project.Domain.Invoices.Invoice.xml"/>

            <sqlmap embedded="Project.Domain.Invoices.InvoiceLine.xml"/>




And finally to then use these in my application, my application's
sqlmaps section just needs to look like this:


            <sqlmap embedded="Project.Domain.Customers.sqlmaps.config,

            <sqlmap embedded="Project.Domain.Invoices.sqlmaps.config,



Is this, or anything like it, possible without having to write out the
hundreds of sql map config files in my application project ?



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