Hi all,
I'm having trouble with mapping results to IList<string> from a left join query.

I have following map:

        <resultMap id="assetTypeResult" class="DTO.AssetType" groupBy="AssetForProjectId">
            <result property="Code" column="asset_code" />
            <result property="Name" column="asset_name" />
            <result property="AssetForProjectId" column="asset_for_project_id" />
            <result property="ListPrice" column="asset_list_price" />
            <result property="AvailableColors" resultMapping="Project.colorResult" />
        <resultMap id="colorResult" class="string">
            <result property="value" column="available_color_name" />

And the sql query is doing a left outer join (sometimes no colors) from assetType table to color table. The data is returned ok from the db and everything else works fine and AvailableColors has the right number of items in the list. The problem is that all the items in the list are empty (0-length strings). Wonder what is going wrong here?