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From Lee Shinlever <lshinle...@lexesinc.com>
Subject Return Results
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 20:27:23 GMT

 Currently we are replacing all of the data access code in the ASP.Net
Security Providers using Spring.Net and iBatis.Net. Basically instead of
implementing a custom provider each time security persistence needs
changed we just use one provider and change its data access component
(iBatisNet) as needed. 

 We did run into one operation that just won't return the expected
results no matter what we do short of modifying the actual stored
procedure. We don't have a problem changing the SPROC to make it work
but we were wondering if anyone could point out what might be happening

    1) SQL Server 2005
     2) Visual Studio 2005
     3) iBatisNet DataMapper

Original Stored Procedure:

        ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.aspnet_Membership_GetNumberOfUsersOnline
            @ApplicationName            nvarchar(256),
            @MinutesSinceLastInActive   int,
            @CurrentTimeUtc             datetime    
            DECLARE @DateActive datetime
            SELECT  @DateActive = DATEADD(minute,
        -(@MinutesSinceLastInActive), @CurrentTimeUtc)
            DECLARE @NumOnLine int
            SELECT     @NumOnLine = Count(*)
             FROM         aspnet_Users AS u WITH (NOLOCK) INNER JOIN
                                   aspnet_Applications AS a WITH
        (NOLOCK) ON u.ApplicationId = a.ApplicationId INNER JOIN
                                   aspnet_Membership AS m WITH (NOLOCK)
        ON u.UserId = m.UserId
             WHERE     (u.LastActivityDate > @DateActive) AND
        (a.LoweredApplicationName = LOWER(@ApplicationName))
           return @NumOnLine

    <procedure id="GetNumberOfUsersOnline"

Parameter Map:
    <parameterMap id="GetNumberOfUsersOnline" class="Hashtable">
      <parameter property="ApplicationName" column="ApplicationName"
dbType="string" size="256"/>
      <parameter property="MinutesSinceLastInActive"
column="MinutesSinceLastInActive" dbType="int"/>
      <parameter property="CurrentTimeUtc" column="CurrentTimeUtc"

DAO Code:    

      Hashtable parms = new Hashtable();
      parms.Add("ApplicationName", applicationname);
      parms.Add("MinutesSinceLastInactive", minutessincelastinactive);
      parms.Add("CurrentTimeUtc", currenttimeutc);
      int results = 0;

      results = (int)
CustomMapper.Instance().QueryForObject("GetNumberOfUsersOnline", parms);

      return results;

    Using the same parameters, expected results = 2 ...
    1) Removed the return @NumOnLine line
    1) Ran the SPROC in the SQL debugger - SQL output results were fine
    2) Ran the original DAO code using SQL command objects - SQL command
results were fine
    3) Ran our DAO code using iBatisNet - no results ever return
    4) Change mapping file and DAO code to reflect using a Hashtable as
the return class - iBatisNet did not return any results
    5) Changed @DateActive to anything else (date value) - iBatisNet
results were fine


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