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From "Karekal, Jyothi" <jyothi.kare...@fmr.com>
Subject Sybase Procedure +iBatis + Return Code
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 06:20:42 GMT
	Hi All,


	In our project we are using Sybase procedures with Ibatis. In
case of an error, procedure will raise an error message after that an
error code is returned. We are supposed to capture RETURN error code


	We are getting RAISEERROR as a java exception and we catch it.
But after that we are not getting the RETURN code(30007).


	Ex. Procedure:


	create proc prc_my_dummy (@parm_ip_id numeric(10,0) 


	select first_nm, last_nm, tax_id_nbr

	from t_prip_inv_prty

	where ip_id = @parm_ip_id

	if (@parm_ip_id = 0)


	    RAISERROR 28500,'Error from stored procedure : ','Ip id can
not be 0'

	    RETURN 30007



	Is there any solution that could help me in getting the RETURN
error code through Ibatis?


	Thanks in advance.



Jyothi Karekal


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