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From "Julian Maughan" <urb...@gmail.com>
Subject Denormalization mapping - possible?
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 04:17:00 GMT
Could anyone explain if the following can be done in IBatis.Net:

I have two tables...

1) Student
- StudentId (int)
- GivenNames (varchar)
- Surname (varchar)

2) StudentContact
- StudentContactId (int)
- Value (varchar), ie. a phone number
- ContactMethod (int), eg. 1 = WorkPhone, 2 = HomePhone, 3 = MobilePhone,
- StudentId (int) - foreign key to Student, allowing many StudentContacts
per Student

I want to map these tables to a class as follows:

Class Student
Private _studentId As Integer
Private _givenNames As String
Private _surname As String
Private _workPhone As String
Private _homePhone As String
Private _mobilePhone As String
End Student

As you can see, I want to use the mapping to 'denormalize' the contact
details on the Student class. I could easily map to an IList(Of String)
property instead, but I was hoping the mapper would allow me to design my
classes the way I want them...


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