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From "Jason Finch" <jfi...@emergency.qld.gov.au>
Subject RE: Pivot table / cross tabs
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 23:11:48 GMT
Can you use something like a pivot function?
Or write a pivoted Dto and a transform method to convert what you get
from the database to your view.
I use a similar approach with data for rendering purposes and it works
quite well.

From: Bjorn I [mailto:bei1@rocketmail.com] 
Subject: Pivot table / cross tabs

Have anybody done any work with pivot tables/cross tabs using Ibatis?
My query returns a list of employees and hours they can charge to each
contract. The contract IDs are dynamic in name and number, so my cross
tab would be a list of employees, with n columns with the contract id,
and the hours they can charge. 
Name        #123        #456        #789    ... ... ...                
J. Smith        44            55            12
The only way I am able to return tthis using Ibatis is to use hashtable
or IList. But the result does not match well when binding to a web
control such as gridview. First of all, I won't know the header/column
name, and second, .NET does not populate the gridview automatically, I
would have to do it behind the scene for each row. 
(the reason for doing a cross tab is that the big boss man wants to
recreate an excel spreadsheet he has)

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