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From "Darek Dober" <doover...@op.pl>
Subject Re: re: struts vs ibatis - Integer type
Date Mon, 09 May 2005 08:41:03 GMT

>It sounds to me like you are corrupting your model and introducing
>ambiguity. Using Strings for Dates and Integers is a bad idea. We've
>successfully dealt with those issues without corrupting our model.
>That is the purpose of the ActionForm. It is a point in which you need
>to convert your user input to your model. I think you are shortcutting
>here and will regret it later on. This is not a good practice.

More I think about that, more I relise that, you have absolutely right about

I also realise that, it goes a little beyond that group, and comes to the
struts, but you went through it,

> > > >nested bean. The other option is to write a different BeanUtils
> > > >Converter implementation for numerics and register it
> > >
> >

I found strutslive application, which shows something about this, but the
example is more sophisticated, that I need now.

The question is: What level should I  register my Converter at?
I looked into struts source, and I went to that: the request processor
invokes method: populate which invokes RequestUtils.convert or populate,
goes to the ConvertUtils and so on

What is the simpliest way to register my converter, that it should
correspond to all actionForms. I want to do it above population of all
actionForms, instead of doing it in all actionForm set/get method.

What parts /objects should I implement on my own. (whole request processor,
and how does it affect TilesRequestProcessor used by TilesPlugin)

I realise that it is more about struts, but it came out from my topic:)

Any hints would be appreciated

Best regards


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