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From Maria Pop <maria...@home.ro>
Subject Select Lists
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 12:40:06 GMT
Hello! How can it be done with struts when choosing an option from a select list, to change
the options on another select list on the same page. For example: I have a list of car brends
and for each chosen car I need a select list with the brend types of the car and be able to
 choose a certain type. 

I defined the car brand list in the class CarForm.java as an arrayList. I don't know how to
define the lists for car brand types to manage to call them separately when a car is chosen
to be introduced in the database. 

I give you the example for my first option list as I call it in the JSP: 

<html:select name="workCarForm" property="car.chosenCarBrand">
   <html:options name="workCarForm" property="carBrands" />

And after I do this I need when choosing the carBrand  the coresponding brandTypes to be listed
in a "select-option" list
Please if you have an example it would help a lot! :)
Thank you! 


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