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From "Simon Brunner" <li...@simonbrunner.com>
Subject Transactions/BatchStatements
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 08:35:42 GMT

we just started a project from scratch and chose Spring/iBatis/Struts to
build a mid-size J2EE web application. First I've to say that I'm very
impressed on how fast you get productive by using iBatis. Everything went
smooth until I wanted to do a batch insert. As we write JUnit testclasses
for the entire app I used my iBatis DAOS without Spring's transaction
demarcation (simply invoked the Dao by a test class). Under that
environment iBatis executed my batch statements as single inserts until I
read these lines in the mailing list archive:

> Clinton Begin
> Wed, 01 Dec 2004 12:00:53 -0800

>> I'm currently using IBatis version 2.0.3. I'm not able to work upon with
>> Batch. I'm
>> doing the following :
>> sqlMap.startBatch();

> Are you starting a the transaction too?  So...

> startTransaction()
> startBatch()
> insert...
> update...
> executeBatch()
> commitTransaction()
> endTransaction

Then I added transaction-support to my Spring Dao and it worked. Now I
wonder why the execution of batch updates relys on the start and commit of
a transaction?

Thanks & best regards


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