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From Don Pendergast <don.penderg...@gmail.com>
Subject selectKey and Oracle
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 20:25:16 GMT
Is there something special I need to do to get the selectKey tag to populate a
field?  I've been looking at this thing for quite a while now and cannot figure
out what I'm doing wrong.

Here is the entry in the sqlmap file:

<typeAlias alias="costCenter" type="edu.ohio.cost.domain.CostObject"/>

<insert id="createObject" parameterClass="costObject">
  <selectKey resultClass="int" keyProperty="costObjectId">
    select COST_OBJECT_S.nextval as costObjectId from dual
  insert into COST_OBJECT
 (#costObjectId#, #costObjectType#, #status#, #createdBy#, sysdate, 1)

The CostObject.java file has a getter/setter for costObjectId (int).

The sequence (COST_OBJECT_S) is set up and works fine.

When I turn on logging, there is no reference to anything in the <selectKey..>
portion of the insert statement and the costObjectId is always 0.  I've tried to
change from the primitive int to the object, but the value of costObjectId is
null then.

I'm hoping I've just overlooked something small, but at this point I wouldn't
know what...

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I'm using the 2.0.9 release of iBatis.  Also, sorry if this
appears twice - I sent it several hours ago and it has never shown up.

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