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From Christopher Lamey <cla...@localmatters.com>
Subject Re: Survey - do you use Abator?
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 15:39:37 GMT
On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 12:17 +0200, Davide Rogora wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to iBATIS and I'm going to start a new application for my
> company using it.
> One of my last doubt is: "Should I use Abator to generate sqlmap files
> and classes?"
> I have this doubt because I saw that JPetStore application has been
> developed without using Abator.
> Do you have any experience with Abator or could you tell me advantages
> and disadvantages of it?


I'm also new to iBATIS but am a little further along in the process.
When I started the project...er, that is, when I dumped Hibernate, I
used Abator to generate generic CI DAOs, models, and sqlmap files.  The
DAOs are Spring-wired, but I don't like Spring's SqlMapClient wrapper.
At first I wanted to structure things in a way so that I could recreate
the Abator files at will and not have to merge with any custom code.
But I didn't want to have to surface all the iBATIS CRUD functionality
in a custom API or deal with an overly complicated object model, so I
decided to use the Abator classes as more of a starting point.

Since I started coding, I've been adding wacky SQL to the maps and
exposing it through the Abator generated DAOs/models.  I do have some
DDL changes that I'll use Abator to generate some more code/config, but
I'll merge the differences in manually.

The nice part about using the Abator generated code is that the CRUD
busy work was done in an instant.  I do wish there was a way to turn off
the comments Abator puts in all the code, but that's a small thing.  I
didn't use any customization in Abator, but I haven't found much that
I'd want to customize.  So the Abator generated code has been working
great for me so far, no complaints and many thanks to the team.

BTW, I can't believe how much more productive I am using iBATIS than
Hibernate.  With Hibernate I was spending all my time trying reverse
engineer what it was doing and figuring out how to either write code
around it or tweak the config.  iBATIS is great because I have complete
control over what SQL gets run when...which I suppose if you don't know
SQL all that well, would be a problem.


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