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From "Somasundaram Pitchaiah" <psoma....@gmail.com>
Subject There is no WRITEABLE property called 'UserId' in AppUser
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 08:52:45 GMT
Hi Every body,
I'm facing problem while using the auto generated SQLmap files
generated by abator in eclipse.

I'm using abator plugin for eclipse(3.1) Given a table AppUser,abator
generates the following  classes automatically:


I'm trying to use these classes to insert & select some values from Db
for AppUser table.

The error I get is that it gives"there is no WRITEABLE property called
UserId in AppUser.This happens while trying to read AppUser_Sqlmap.xml.
But I have the getter & setter method for the field 'Userid' in
AppUser class(auto-generated).

 Files Attached:
-Screenshot .doc(screenshot of the error)
-SampleAction.java(action class)

Expecting ur help!

Thank you!


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