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From Ben Munat <b...@munat.com>
Subject Re: issues with Mozilla and taglib uri
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 02:41:10 GMT
Yes, not to be rude or anything but do you know what ibatis does? It's a database mapping 

Now, depending on how exceptions are handled in a application, I could see a 
ServletException wrapping a database exception but that would still have nothing to do 
with cross-browser issues.

Basically what I'm getting at is that you've managed to come up with just about the 
strangest question I've ever seen on a mailing list! Congratulations.

Once again, sorry... don't mean to roast you. As a consolation I did a little more digging

for you and found this struts bug report:


which talks about how "Define tag cannot set a null value" is a bad error message for the

struts "bean" taglib to give to the user.

So, it would seem that one of your JSPs is using that bean:define tag but in certain 
situations the value it's trying to set is null... hence the exception. So, it also likely

has nothing to do with IE vs. firefox (can't imagine how it could); it's just the luck of

the draw.

But hey, I could be totally wrong... Still, you'd probably want to start by examining your

use of the bean:define tag.

Good luck.


Larry Meadors wrote:
> This is like your neighbor's car breaking down because your aunt's
> toaster is unplugged.
> I do not see any conceivable way that this could be iBATIS related.
> Start here -> http://tinyurl.com/mst7m
> Larry
> On 4/3/06, Mike Wilson <mw9378@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>We have an iBATIS app running fine in IE, but when we try to use Firefox we
>>get the following error:
>>javax.servlet.ServletException: Define tag cannot set a null value
>>We've narrowed it down to the taglib uri not being processed by Firefox or
>>Safari/IE on a MAC as well.
>>If anyone has ancountered this and has a solution could you please share it?
>>I looked through the newsgroup archive and couldn;t find anything on this.
>>Thanks in advance,
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